Dental Implants

At Premier Endodontics of Long Island, we firmly believe that it is always best to save a natural tooth. However, in some cases injury or decay may be so extreme that we have no alternative but to extract the tooth.

Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth show a wide range of symptoms, including pain when chewing and sensitivity to hot or cold

Traumatic Injuries
Traumatic InjuriesDon’t lose a tooth to a traumatic injury. Accidents happen and we are here to help. Traumatic injuries can happen as the result of accidents, falls, blows to the face or other injuries. Chipped teeth are the most common type of injury, but teeth may be knocked crooked or completely out. Often, neighboring teeth...
The GentleWave®

Our office now offers the Gentle Wave procedure, an alternative to standard root canal treatment. This minimally invasive procedure delivers exceptional cleaning and disinfection.

Root Canal

Our primary goal is to save your natural teeth whenever possible. Our practice specializes in Endodontics, commonly referred to as root canal therapy